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Tree of Life

My trip through the Netherlands is magical.

With my friends, I have strolled all over the country side and this impressive tree house was one of the High Lights.

The design of the art-project is by Jeroen Kooijmans.

The Oak tree is around 250 years old.

In our Friday Yoga Class, we will experiment with the Root- Chakra ( Energy Center ) to help us to stay grounded and at peace.

We will address the three floors in the body:

-The arches of the feet

-The pelvic floor

-The diaphragm

-The roof of the mouth

All four floors in the body are evenly important for the health of our body.

It prevents surface tension to build up.

It creates a base line of relaxation.

It forms functional suspension to avoid wear and tear.

I hope to see you on Friday!

Much love,


Overview of the Zoom Yoga classes till 7/20:

7/16 9AM

7/17 2PM

Zoom Yoga Class, 7/16, 9AM, Central Time

Meeting ID: 522-828-578

Contribution: 10 Dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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