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Marielle is a Dutch native.

She is dedicated to bridging the body with the spiritual world,

to heal mental, emotional, and physical imbalances.

Yoga has been a lifelong passion. She has practiced it for the last 30 years.


She studied Alignment Yoga (200 and 500 hours training.)

For the last ten years, she taught Yoga to a wide variety of students.


Her unique classes are a blend of spiritual teachings with a practical step-by-step approach.

They come from her rich background of many years spend in Ashrams and Spiritual centers in

India and the USA.

My Spiritual Direction

My spiritual direction is bringing the soul back to the body and providing it with a safe place to land in.


All of us have inner wounds and developmental challenges. We have spaces in our mind and body that lack vitality, trust and love.

We store all our emotions and experiences in the tissue of our bodies. And for us to feel loved and show up with authenticity, we deserve the generosity of being present. 

This simply means being grounded, living from a soft, open heart and acting from a solid, stable core.


My values for my Yoga and body-work practices are:


Developing compassion for ourselves and tapping into sustainable self care practices.

This starts with re-igniting the inner fire of joy.

Happiness is a by- product of peace, love and truth. In the safe environment of dis-covering our buried inner child we learn how to trust, appreciate and express ourselves.

We will develop tools to stay consistently happy and free in our lives; Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, body-work, art and nature.

Our experiences will create new pathways.



Just as we need to place a fence around a young tree to prevent it from being eaten by wild life, we also can assure ourselves that we are there for ourselves. Healthy boundaries that protect our integrity and help us grow in our own unique way and pace instead of walling ourselves off from love and our intuition.


Living with the rhythm of the earth.

It is a powerful connection that we can use anytime when we need support. We can be nurtured and calmed through our relationship with water, sunlight, trees or the wind.

The earth is always there for us as an inspiration, a witness of our growth, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.


It would be an honor to take this journey of transformation with you one baby step at a time.

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