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Alignment Yoga

Yoga: the yoking of the body with the mind/spirit

Yoga equals generosity of presence. We enter a space of healing and we come home in our bodies.


In my practice I focus on the dance between stability and mobility. We explore the balance between effort and allowing, inviting in Yin (Feminine) and Yang (Masculine.) 

Together we create a baseline in which we can meet our minds and our bodies with kindness and respect. 


This means simply dropping more into our bodies and meeting our tension and sticky area’s, breathing into them and committing to our exhale as the reset button to find calm and peace in our entire system. 


We let the ground hold us up in our poses, this helps us let go of surface tension. 

The practice guides us into a deeper, more authentic state of being, beneath the organizing and planning brain.

Habitual dysfunctional patterns can dissolve and we will restore the vitality flow in our bodies and minds.


Yoga ultimately is a Self-Love practice and this is something we can all benefit off. It will have a ripple effect on our families and our communities.


Please join us online, the first class is always free of charge:

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