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Generosity and honesty

Astheya means “abiding in generosity and honesty.” ( From: The Yoga Sutras )

Most of us feel we are lacking in many aspects of our life.

Astheya has the power to initiate us into material and spiritual prosperity beyond our greatest expectations.

We practice the attitude of care takers instead of owners, we enjoy things when they come and let them go with ease.

Astheya also gives generously of oneself. At times when our hearts are open, generosity flows.

“If someone asks for your shirt, give them your coat also.”

New Testament.

In class we will take the time to nurture ourselves in all levels.

To be generous with ourselves.

We will observe the way our heart can take in the great and small ways we experience love and abundance.

Much love,


Zoom Yoga Class, 6/29, 7PM, Central Time

Meeting ID: 522-828-578

Fee: 10 Dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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