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working with injuries

Nursing injuries, recovering from set-backs is part of life and it deepens our Yoga practice.

It has taken me a couple of weeks to feel energetic and strong again.

Warmth, sleep, twists, circular breathing and forward bends have done wonders for my health.

When muscle strain and weakness arise, it is healthy to slow down and unwind the tension that we carry.

Sickness is associated with stagnation, so today we will create a gentle Yoga flow for our entire body and flood our tissue with life force.

This will function like a warm bath, both for our body and our mind.

Please bring a STRAP and a BLOCK to class today.

Much love,


"t is so easy to give, so exquisitely rewarding.”

- John Steinbeck

Zoom Yoga Class, 1/31, 7PM, Central Time

Meeting ID: 522-828-578

Contribution: 10 Dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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