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Transition Time

Remember the feeling of being lost? It is a pretty uncomfortable situation. And then suddenly, from nowhere, the right path shows up, a solution arises, a veil gets lifted and there is an answer. It takes willingness to stand in the empty space and to let that happen naturally, with out trying to force situations or to cling to the old with all our might. I feel like I was given an emergency course in letting go these past 2 years. There were many changes in my life. I could only truly receive these changes by standing still in the TRANSITION TIME. It is nowhere land, the old is gone, the new is not there yet. Mostly this is where I would like to sink into the ground or run away as fast as I can. Unfortunately that did not work for me. I had to hang in there. And learn to accept it. I feel like we all can benefit of connecting with being in this in-between phase: After a relationship or a job ends, after the kids move out, our schooling finishes. We can honor and appreciate the transition. In Yoga transitioning from one pose to the other, is “where the rubber meets the road.” It creates the juice in the practice and it helps us to stay calm and safe. The quality of the practice is related to how well we transition. There is an ease when we feel it from the inside and whole heartedly embrace it. Tomorrow we will experiment with TRANSITIONING in our practice. We will work with flowing in and out of poses. Moving from the ground to standing and back down again. We will add moments of meditation through the entire practice. “If our edge is like a huge stone wall with a door in it, we learn to open that door and step through it again and again, so that life becomes a process of growing up, of becoming more and more fearless and flexible, more and more able to play like a raven in the wind.” -Pema Chödrön. Much love, Marielle Join Zoom Meeting Join URL: Meeting ID: 522-828-578 Contribution: 10 dollars


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