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The Emotional Landscape

Sometimes it takes effort to allow our feelings in and to feel peaceful and nourished in our daily experiences. It is an exercise in honesty and reflection. A practice in dealing with our emotions in healthy ways and to recognize how they affect our thoughts and behavior. Many of us are disconnected from our emotions- especially strong emotions such as anger, sadness, fear- because we have been taught to shut off our feelings. But while we can deny or numb our feelings, we can not eliminate them. They are still there, whether we are aware of them or not. Unpleasant emotions can have beneficial aspects. Sadness can support emotional healing. Fear can trigger life saving action. Anger can mobilize and inspire. Without being connected to all of our emotions, we can’t manage stress. Tonight in class, we will drop a little deeper into the emotional body and we will use the skills of breathing exercises, meditation and Yoga to deal with our feelings. By learning to stay mindful under stress, we will be able to carry these tools through in our daily lives. And we will be able to deal with situations that feel stressful, uncomfortable or threatening. Much love, Marielle

Join Zoom Meeting: tonight, 2/11, 7PM, Central Time Join URL: Meeting ID: 522-828-578 Contribution: 10 dollars

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Ella B
Ella B
Aug 01, 2022

Great blog thanks for posting this.

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