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Spine/mind connection

“A young person with a stiff spine feels old, while an old person with a supple spine feels youthful.”

-Scott Anderson

When we free our spine, we literally change our mind and become more open (minded ) about life.

Since moving the spine affects our breathing in a positive manner.

The last part of our spine, our tail bone is specifically very influenzal for our state of our Nervous System.

When we tug our tail, we send a signal out to flight, fight or freeze.

When we relax our tail bone, we signal our Nerves to rest, trust and digest.

The tailbone also mimics the state of the last part of our spine, our neck.

In this class we will experiment with healthy ways to move and release our spine, to increase vitality and peace of mind.

Much love,


Zoom Yoga Class, 3/10, 7PM, Central Time Join URL: Meeting ID: 522-828-578 Contribution: 10 Dollars Venmo: marielle-school PayPal:


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