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Self Love

This weekend I got triggered in an old belief of unworthiness. I felt a grim resolve to be bitter about my life and to color my future from this lens. It was amazingly strong and persistent and at the same time it offered me a way to experience the foundation of that faulty condition. And QUESTION IT. Unworthiness is an attack on my self. I can justify it with my story but the truth is that we all are full of love, potential and creativity. I can change the script in any moment of time. The healing is to communicate love and compassion to myself. “SOUL SUPPORT is being deeply seen, understood and accepted.” -Ben Saltzman "Self love” can be a worn-out cliche, a commonplace phrase that would have no significance until it appears in a new context. To me that context is my emotions and my body. Finding a physical location for my anger towards myself and replacing it with the space of acceptance. A radical change in perception and experiencing myself. Pema Chödrön says: “The instruction is to relate compassionately with where we find ourselves and to begin to see our predicament as workable. We are stuck in patterns of grasping and fixating, which causes the same thoughts and reactions to occur again and again and again. In this way we project our world. When we see that, then we’ll naturally discover the knack of reversing this process of making things solid, the knack of stopping the claustrophobic world as we know it, putting down our centuries of baggage and stepping into new territory." In our class today, we will address HEALTHY LIVER function. All the blood leaving the stomach and the intestines passes through the liver.  The liver processes this blood and breaks down, balances and creates the nutrients for our body. Our liver also regulates our emotions and is involved in the smooth flow of energy. Negative emotions that get stored in the liver are: anger, resentment, frustration, anger and bitterness. Our liver is connected with the tendons, nails and eyes. In our physical practice we will work with the eyes, twisting poses, forward bends and back bends. Much love, Marielle Join Zoom Meeting Join URL: Meeting ID: 522-828-578

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