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Savor the tiny things

Practice to savor the tiny, specific and beautiful moments in your life and appreciate what it means to be vitally alive.

Spring time comes with higher expectations and we tend to get overwhelmed by it all.

It is easy for us to get clouded over by a whole list of things we think we need to accomplish.

Today we have a choice: we can exclude ourselves from the outside world or we can slow down and enjoy it.

We can feel the rhythm and awakening of nature deep down within us and allow it to nourish our soul.

How does this all translate in our Yoga Practice?

We will let our practice be calm and uncomplicated and restore our sense of balance.

Slowing down and taking pleasure in all the little transitions and sensations in our physical body.

We will listen to our own unhurried presence with compassion and patience.

We will allow our own wellness to be our primary responsibility….

In our meditation, core-exercises, Sun-Salutations, balance poses, seated and supine twists, we will echo our need for simplicity.

Please bring a STRAP, belt or scarf to class.

NOTE, that there will be two classes to choose from tomorrow: at 2PM and 7PM.

Much love,


“The most important person to gain love and respect from is myself.”

Courage to Be Me, page, 137

Zoom- Yoga- Classes, 4/20, 2PM or 7PM, Central Time

Meeting ID: 522-828-578

Contribution: 10 dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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