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Meeting a wall

When I was a child I used to climb on the last piece left of the original city wall around my home town; Dordrecht.

The city was founded in 1008.

I remember the feeling of climbing the wall as if it was yesterday. 

The effort of it made me feel powerful, strong and connected. I had a view and a bigger perspective.

A wall carries such profound archetypal symbolism: "Walls are boundaries.”

Interesting enough, where walls find their way into our everyday speech, the meaning is almost always negative.

“We are talking to a brick wall.”

He put up a wall between us.”

 When I am tired: “I hit a wall.”

"They are driving us up the wall.”

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges,’ says Joseph Fort Newton.

In my Yoga practice this is positive. I receive the richness and the juice of the practice by meeting my “walls" with respect and I honor the boundaries that my body sets up for me.

Finding the boundaries and not pushing through but instead hanging in there creates a lot of Prana or vital energy in our system. Which turns on our ability to heal ourselves and to feel balanced.

It is a practice of acceptance where we find ourselves and trusting the WALLS instead of looking to break through them.

Nobody likes the idea of “being average”. Most of us would like to be “out standing.”

Yet the secret in Yoga is finding the MIDDLE GROUND in our practice. 

In our class tonight we will experiment with that principle.

It is like the “Goldie Lock” method.

Not too soft, not too hard, not too cold, not too warm.

Right in the middle of our strength and our stretching we will find energy and stability.

I hope to see you on the mat!

Much love,


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