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"man in the mirror" Michael Jackson

“Comparison is the Thief of Joy.”

A good friend reminded me again how depressing it is to constantly look outside myself to determine my worthiness and my values.

Looking-in is the solution. 

I find the effects of Covid: social distancing, an excellent teacher. 

Not exactly desirable but at the same time enriching.

The lack of “ candy store” experiences; concerts, museums, yoga classes, eating out with friends, music festivals, traveling 

make me feel a little exposed, a little naked.

It ends up being a tool to look in the mirror and see myself.

Who do I see?

When I can’t be with my family and friends in The Netherlands?

When I can’t dress up and go out dancing with my girlfriends till midnight?

When I don’t have an apartment to clearly define, who I am and what is mine?

I am still me, I am still here, I am still happy.

With a clear head, an open mind and acceptance of my feelings I can get to the heart of any situation that I experience.

It only requires awareness.

When I feel let down, betrayed or heartbroken, my world suddenly seems unjust and I feel fearful of losing out.

All these experiences have something in common, and that is that I suffer alone.

I am so grateful that I have all of you to hold my hand and bring me deeper in, to nurture and appreciate myself.

And my hope is that you can use the community in the same way.

To see and love your own unique presence.

In class today we will focus on stability in the torso and mobility in the limbs.

As a symbol of staying steady, stable, no matter what we experience in this Covid Period.

Much love,


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