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Loving your feet

Our feet are our best friends.

They are our roots to the earth, they help us stay stable and move freely.

Our foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments.

It is a complex mechanical structure that works close together to bear weight, allow for movement and transmit force.

The feet are also seen as a symbol of enlightenment.

Touching the feet of a spiritual master in the Eastern tradition is considered an honor and a transfer of spiritual knowledge and joy can be obtained.

In the Western tradition the "washing of the feet" carries spiritual significance. It is a symbol of selfless love, service and humility.

In our Yoga week we will create awareness, strength, balance and mobility in our feet.

The arches of the feet need awakening and balancing to work efficiently and keep our alignment healthy.

Our practice will include chair pose and Warrior poses interlaced with different balance poses.

We will use a TENNIS BALL in our Monday class tomorrow.

Much love,


“Life goes by fast. Enjoy it. Calm down. It’s all funny.”

-Joan Rivers

Zoom Yoga Class:

Meeting ID: 232 466 4934

Passcode: yoga

Contribution: 10 Dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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