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Letting go of toxins

The SPLEEN is a powerful Spring Organ, it performs “Quality Control” for our blood stream.

Its main function is to filter our blood from old, malformed or damaged red blood cells.

Our blood will be lead through a maze of narrow passages for this cleaning process and it saves iron in the process.

The SPLEEN plays an important role in our immune system, when it detects bacteria or viruses, it produces white blood cells to restore health.

When the SPLEEN does not work well, we suffer from anemia, fatigue and frequent infections.

Worry and overthinking are the emotional imbalances.

The spiritual function of the SPLEEN is the point of entry for Prana ( Life-Energy ) into the body, needed for success in all we endeavor.

The SPLEEN is located on the upper, left side of our body, beneath the ribs, it is “fist” shaped and about 4 inches long.

In class, today, we will explore poses that will keep our SPLEEN happy.

Our practice will be more gentle in nature and we will work with down-regulating poses to support its blossoming.

Hope you can make it!

Much love,


Link to today's class: 3/26, 9-10:15AM, Central Time

Contribution: 10 dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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