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Announcing: “the upside down perspective.” For example Down Dog.

The ancient Yoga Masters have emphasized that inversions in our practice carry compelling benefits.

Let’s look at the benefits:

-When we reverse the flow of oxygen in the tissue, it helps tone them.

-The organs inevitably collect toxins in the bottom, turning them upside down, helps the sludge to leave the body.

-When we are upright, stale blood settles in our legs, when we reverse the blood stream, it can refresh our veins, it will remedy Varicose Veins.

-The inversions also increase oxygen saturation in the lunges.

-Upside down poses release the diaphragm and this settles the mind into its more natural, calmer state.

Let’s explore all these great benefits in our Yoga class.

For this practice you will need a BLOCK or a big book.

Much love,


“The human mind always makes progress, but it is progress in spirals.”

-Madam de Stael

Zoom Yoga Class, 1/25, 7PM, Central Time

Meeting ID: 522-828-578

Contribution: 10 Dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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