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Go with the flow

Spending three days in my kayak on the Wisconsin river definitely has given me awe for the mystery and the magnificent strength of the water.

The river became a living creature, guiding me to be myself and to rest a little on her sandy islands.

Being completely emerged in the wilderness, away from the city, woke up my own rhythm and it helped me feel connected and calm.

Doing this with my “summer friends” definitely added to the experience a huge amount of joy and comfort.

Sharing meals together over the fire, roasting marshmallows, practicing sunrise Yoga in the morning.

It was the super- the- luxe package deal for all of us, everyone adding their unique gifts.

Honestly I had a hard time adjusting back in to my life on “land”.

It made me feel a little deprived of being part of a team, belonging to community and nature.

There is room to grow in that, I intuitively feel that this so called deprivation is me projecting these feelings on the world around me.

Key is to see these qualities in myself and not be dependent on others for my happiness.

“I have the strength and the courage to make the changes necessary to achieve my goals.”

To keep doing the next positive thing rather than projecting my desire for change onto others.

And to keep expressing my own independent spirit.

In class today we will focus on midline stability, to develop deeper core strength and a stronger base.

Much love,



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