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Garden Adventure

My daughter and me showed up in our garden today with curiosity and our wheel barrow full of tools. 

After all the rain the crops of lettuce were nicely fluffy and almost fluoresce green, they had grown quit a bit.  Unlike the broccoli, still standing small and fragile, a little lost in the dark, wet soil. Their neighbors, the kale plants, were getting taller. Although the purple kale was severely attacked by birds (or mice?) they bravely grew upward, with not many leaves to speak off. The sunflower seeds which my daughter and I had randomly scattered in the earth, like flower fairies, started to show strong leaves. We smiled, it was truly a miracle to see this much growth. With the sun shining over our heads, my daughter and me bowed over to the plants and weeded out the grasses. Small grey birds followed our active fingers closely along and took the opportunity to dig in the uprooted dirt with their tiny beaks. My daughter took the wheel barrow to the compost heap, she picked up a pile of mostly dead leaves and dirt. On her way back she ran down the hill. The grass was wet and slippery, she started to loose control and she was heading to crash into someones garden. With all her force she tried to stop the wheel barrow, her feet slipped out, her legs slit under the wheel barrow and she landed on her but. This made her laugh so hard…. Priceless experience. Being in the garden truly awakes my emotional sensitivity. Peace hovers over the plants like a protective shield. I feel like all gardeners know this zone of deep contentment in facilitating life and growth. It is a gift. Tending a garden feels purifying and emanates greater harmony in my life. Very similar to my meditation practice: I plant my spiritual seeds and I nurture them because I have faith that the practice will yield new growth. Yoga and meditation is like watering and tending to the seeds of our life and sooner or later we will see them sprout through the surface. In the form of: sweeter feelings, patience or gratitude. In tomorrows class, I would like to address: “action meets resistance.” We will dig a little deeper into the elements of strength and grounding in our shapes and movement patterns to create more vitality. Much love, Marielle


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