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From the Inside Out

I love winter and I admire deeply the precious gifts it offers:

My inspiration:

Restful and calm introspection.

Feathery clouds drifting gracefully in the sky.

Cardinals jumping from branch to branch, dramatically red against the backdrop of the snow.

The soft, pale light of winter sunrise.

Rings of smoke winding upwards from the chimneys.

Candles shining cheerfully when the dust rushes in.

Nature preparing and renewing itself for the energy-burst of Spring.

A quiet, sacred, white world opens up when the freshly fallen snow settles down.

When we, humans, lived close to nature. The darkness of winter was an integral part of the growth and maturation of our soul.

Pythia Peah, who grew up on a farm, translated this message very well:

“Melancholy emotions press the soul downwards. Nestled among the tangled roots of darkness, like the winter seed in the field, the soul germinates new life.

I seek the treasure hidden in the long, dark hours before the dawn of emerald Spring.”

What does winter mean in our Yoga Practice?

In our postures, we will build internal heat.

Our tendency is to be more hunched in our shoulders and our upper back.

We will practice softening and relaxing our body.

Much love,


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