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Ease of summer

It sounds silly, but I recognized in myself today that I blocked myself from feeling pleasure. I got so serious about everything I needed to do, that I closed myself off from the ease and abundance of summer.  There are so many tactile sensations to enjoy: intense colors and fragrances in nature, warm and gentle breeze, birds singing, frog sounds, bright sunlight, mysterious moonlight, fire flies, long grasses, big rains, swimming in the lake.

It does not take much to communicate with all this richness. What is it in me that refused? Mostly it was an unwillingness to be present in the moment. It felt safer to stay in my head: overthinking and creating distance between me, my body and the earth. I am about to climb out of my little hobbit house, nestled between the roots, under the ground, and move into a two bedroom apartment on the second floor, surrounded by trees. Even though it will be fantastic to have so much space and my own kitchen, it brings up fear of change. I am sitting here on the floor with my computer in my lap with a bunch of packed boxes and bags around me. Writing helps me to savor the beauty of this moment and to come back to gratitude. To befriend my fear of change and to open my heart to all the daily sources of delight: Eating a delicious omelet with onion and lettuce from my own garden. Watching baby bunnies hop around in the back yard. A bare foot stroll around the block, the side walk warm from the sun. My practice invites me to rest in my fear in the middle of this transition and to turn my pattern upside down. Breaking the habit of worrying and to respond with loving care to myself and trust in My Source. It brings me back to meditation. The dictionary tells me, it means, “ to think contemplatively.” To me that is listening to myself without judgment. Carefully studying the map of my intuition and simply hang out there. Things always seem to be unraveling around the edges, but the center is whole and still. It is my true home, no matter what. I am smiling now… Class, tomorrow, will be about the balance between ease and strength. To explore what we feel and to be honest to ourselves of where we are when we meet our strength. Starting in July, when I move into my apartment, my Yoga classes will become paid classes. Your minimum contribution will be 10 dollars per Yoga class. Many of you have been very generous and have bought packages already. These gifts will, of course, be valid through the summer months. I want to commit myself to doing the best I can to keep you provided with fresh, fun and supportive Yoga classes. So your soul has a safe space to land in.

The online Yoga classes have been a beautiful journey, since March 24 all the way till summer. Our Yoga community has been so healing. Your participation, comradeship and the giving of yourself has inspired me deeply. Your willingness to go inside and to take care of yourself has a positive ripple effect on this current world. Thank you very much. Love, Marielle Join Zoom Meeting Join URL: Meeting ID: 522-828-578 Venmo: marielle-school PayPal: Checks: Marielle School,  548 Gately Terrace, Madison WI 53711


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