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With a decreased sense of always having to do something useful

to justify my existence, I now allow recreation, enthusiasm and delight into my life…

(From survival to recovery p.185)

Yesterday I really got into it.

My first, Fun Action Plan was: a solitary Kayak adventure.

I managed to lift my kayak on my car and headed to Lake Wingra. 

It was still early, a few men stood quiet on the dock fishing.

Grey clouds hang out lazily in the warm air. 

I slid my kayak in the water and started peddling towards the other shore.

When I got close, little friends started to greet me: an otter swam right past my kayak and 

three red winged black birds flew around, making interesting patterns in their flight.

I also met a heron, three male ducks and a crow.

It was delightful to indulge in this fancy world of water.

Meeting an aspect of myself which was completely present and care free.

I gave myself permission to slow down and to have an experience of widening my feelings.

The expansive quality of the lake generated creativity and fresh ideas.

Today in Yoga I hope we can boost our own sense of happiness and spirit;

To celebrate our lives.

We will address the hamstrings and we will also dive a little deeper into the two hemispheres 

of the brain in our practice.

I hope you will be able to join us.

Big hug,


Join Zoom Meeting

Join URL: Meeting ID: 522-828-578 (Same for both Tuesday and Thursday Evening Free Yoga) Donations are always welcome and appreciated! Venmo: marielle-school PayPal: Paper checks still work! Marielle School,  548 Gately Terrace, Madison WI 53711


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