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Cultivate love

"To cultivate":

"To prepare.

To prepare and use ground for the raising off crops.

To foster growth."

I love this translation!

When we connect “cultivate” with “ love”.

We are really onto something good.

From Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Book 3, Sutra 24, we are reminded of the power of being kind.

Maitri adishu balani: Through the practice of kindness to others, great strength comes.

Our source of strength comes from practicing kindness to ourselves and others.

Essentially, giving up the love of power for the power of love.

You will find that it is love that rules the world.

Like the sun is the center of the solar system and it rules all the planets,

the very core of your life is ruled by love.

Beyond your changing body, thoughts, feelings lies the core of your existence which is very subtle, very delicate.

That consciousness is responsible for this whole Creation.

A bird feeds its young out of love.

A flower blossoms because of love.

Cows take care of their calves out of love.

How does this wisdom integrate in your Yoga practice?

-Give your loving attention to each pose and each breath.

-Practice complete acceptance of where you find yourself.

-Have compassion with yourself and others during your practice.

-Be still and know that you are love.

-Pay attention to the feelings and thoughts that come up in your practice.

-Follow your inner knowing.

In this meditative practice we will need a blanket and a strap.

Much love,


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