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Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a type of Yoga that was originally created by Lakshmi Voelker-Binder in 1982.

She adapted the poses sitting on a chair and she used the chair for support in the standing poses.

It made the Yoga practice accessible for those who can not easily move up and down to the floor due to arthritis, for example.

This gentle practice creates a different kind of mindful movement, helping us to settle deeper in the poses, while improving flexibility, concentration and strength.

It is safe for all bodies and boosts our moods and reduces inflammation.

Please bring A CHAIR to the practice tonight.

Much love,


“You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

Zoom Yoga Class, 1/20, 7PM, Central Time

Meeting ID: 522-828-578

Contribution: 10 Dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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