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On Saturday I will move into my new place, it is urban and it feels a bit like Amsterdam.

It looks like an unfinished project and it requires me and my daughter to paint the walls and put some work in it. 

That action plan will make it feel more like home.

I looked up what “Home” means in the dictionary.

It says: “ the place where one lives permanently.”

And also: HOME “ a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates.”

It is interesting how more and more I want to feel connected to the country I was raised in and I am looking for the symbols that represent it.

I thought of all the different immigrants that brought their experiences of “home” to this country.

It made me smile. The USA is so rich in culture and diversity.

Yoga practice helps us to feel this sense of security and support in our own bodies and minds.

The invitation is to truly listen and feel what is going on. To offer this landing ground to refresh our systems.

In class today I would like to address HOMEOSTASES in our hour of Yoga.

Since it includes the word home, it nurtures stability and equilibrium in ourselves.

We will work with the feet, ankles, shinns and hamstrings.

Much love,


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