Yoga Routine

The energy and liveliness of Summer brings out spontaneity and joy.

When the first leaves fall, it rains, the winds pick up and the sunlight transforms into a warm, glowing light, we experience the transitioning into AUTUMN.

Fall is always a bit of a challenge for me at first.

I miss the abundance of sunlight, flowers, creativity and warm air straight away.

It asks for a healthy approach: grounding in the form of ROUTINE.

In class today we will practice just that.

Our structure will be SUN-SALUTATIONS.


-Sun- salutations are ideal to build strength, stability and slide and glide.

-The many cycles of back bends followed up by forward bends help the nervous system to calm down.

-They prevent rigidity between the shoulder blades.

-They remedy exhaustion and strengthen systematic vitality.

Let’s adjust with ease to the new season together!

Much love,


“We are a resonating system in process rather than a stable, solid mass.”

Randall McClellan

Zoom Yoga Class, 9/14, 7PM, Central Time

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