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Welcome the New!

May 2021 be an inspiring, fun, loving, healthy and abundant year for you!

I know that I am very ready for it. I am excited for the new Beginning.

I am letting go of what no longer serves me and I am intentionally creating space for the next step in my life.

On Saturday the 9th I will be offering a small, virtual workshop from 10AM-12Noon.

We will take time to meditate about our intentions and write about them, serving as an invitation to opportunity and growth.

Preparing for the Springtime ahead of us.

Our Yoga practice will include classical Sun Salutations to welcome in the new Light.

Warrior cycles, to draw in strength and perseverance.

And restorative Yoga poses to dive deeper into our own bodies and hearts.

There will be time to reflect and share in the end.

The costs will be 20 dollars.

You will need: a Yoga block or book, a belt or a strap, a journal and a pen, a thermos with tea.

Please let me know if you are interested.

I will cap the class to 10 students maximal.

Much love,



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