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vision time

My life calls for reflection.I call it “dream time”.

It comes from the Aboriginal concept of time referred to as “time out of time” and “everywhen.” Accordingly “The dreamtime laid down the patterns of life for the Aboriginal people.”

I love the idea of “everywhen”: being free of the restriction of time and space. Allowing my soul to fly a little. Yesterday I felt a little down and disconnected.  I see this as a request for support. My dream time offers me that support. It reflects itself by making a “vision board” from images of magazines. Usually it is a powerful technic and it connects me back with my freedom and abundance. The ingredients I need? An open mind to receive love and guidance and the fortitude to act upon it. Creating my vision board is a meditative practice to raise my thoughts above grievances and discontent that color my thinking. To shed light, comfort and hope on my life.

Yesterday I found a whole lot of magazines in one of those little library boxes, so I am well prepared to start my process!  For our physical and energetic practice in class today we will address the KIDNEYS. The immune system and the kidneys are closely linked. In health the kidneys contribute to immune homeostasis ( balance.) The adrenal glands are located at the top of each kidney and they are responsible for a healthy nervous system. We will work with finding space and ease in the kidneys through back extension, twists and breathing exercises. (Prana Yama.) Much love, Marielle


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