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Uplift Vitality

“Thinking of Holland I see wide rivers slugging through limitless low-lying land. Lines of implausibly gauzy poplars like feathered plumes in far distances stand; and sunken away in the formidable vastness, in farmsteads scattered, are found, tree clumps, villages, pollarded steeples, churches and elms in one great design bound. The sky hangs low there and in grey vapors of color. The sun there is slowly blurred and in all the regions the voice of the water with its eternal disasters is dreaded and heard.

-Hendrik Marsman

Tomorrow will be already the last class, broadcasted from my home town, Dordrecht !

On Thursday I will fly back to Chicago.

The pictures show: the most narrow house I have ever seen in The "Voor -Straat".

And view from the harbor to the big river: The "Maas”.

We will continue with our Theme of Spring and work on balancing our energies:

-Waking up our creative juices and our slumbering energetic bodies through the spice of

Back Bends and Chest Openers.

-To create relaxation and slow down in restful poses, since the intensity of Spring can be overwhelming.

I am infinitely grateful for your willingness to be flexible and to practice in the European Time Zone.

It was so fun to take you all with me on my journey!

See you soon.

Much love,


Join Zoom Meeting, 3/30, 2PM, Central Time

Meeting ID: 522-828-578

Contribution: 10 dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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