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Self Love Retreat this Saturday, Noon till 2PM!

We can all benefit from a little island of respite to nurture and love ourselves. Valentines weekend offers the right opportunity to drop a little deeper into Self Care.

The birth right to be loved and to love often gets buried under the blocks of perfectionism, criticism, depression, isolation, grief or a ‘cold' environment. When our love does not flow freely in and out our heart anymore, we suffer.

Physical symptoms: tension between the shoulder blades, asthma, circulation problems, low immune system or disorders of the lunges, heart or thymus. Emotional symptoms: poor boundaries, clinging, jealousy, codependency or being overly sacrificial. In this Online Yoga Retreat we will explore taking in and reaching out. We will practice gentle poses softening the chest, shoulders and arms. And we will do Prana Yama ( Breathing Exercises.) We will find self acceptance and creative ways to be kinder and more creative with the resources we have in life. There will be time to journal and share your new insides. In short: we will find a sacred space to be intimate with who we are and we will germinate our dreams. Please let me know if you have questions. Cell: 608-432-2286 “Deep inside you is an undeniable, untamed force refusing to be ordinary and desiring to be great. let it out.” Darren Hardy

A big virtual hug and much love, Marielle Location: online Costs: 20 Dollars Materials: Blanket, thermos with tea, journal/pen, strap or belt, Yoga block or book Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 232 466 4934


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