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Power of Community

During a walk with my sister after the rain, I discovered that Rotterdam has beautiful windmills!

Being with my family has been a great healing tool. I feel like I belong and can charge my battery.

It reminded me of the POWER OF COMMUNITY.

Our Yoga community generates connection, unified commitment and purpose.

This collective field becomes an energy bank for you to tap into.

The benefits are right there, on a silver platter.

The more consistently you participate in the community, the more healing power you receive and give to each other.

In our YOGA session we practice to be physically aware what our reactions are to fear, anger and fatigue.

And we also learn to feel our own wisdom, compassion and strength in sound, movement and poses.

We re-wire how we process our life. This helps us to become calmer and more present in challenging times.

In class tomorrow, we will work with our hamstrings.

The Hamstrings are closely related to the Adrenalines, and are therefore connected to the Nervous System.

We will enjoy building strength, releasing tension and we will discover a more authentic expression of our energy-body.

Much love, Marielle Link to Friday class: 9-10:15AM


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