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My garden

It has been kind of amazing for me to cultivate a garden among other gardeners, on a huge piece of land from the university….

All of us in our own little plots, bowed over towards the earth.

The sun was looking down on us silently.  It created a mystical atmosphere and a simple feeling of togetherness at the same time.

When I started my garden, the soil was very dry and compact like a bunch of weirdly shaped clay pots.

It was full of tough, long weeds and it needed a lot of shoveling and encouragement to be moist and soft.

Lucky for me, I discovered a treasure of mint plants hidden under the long grasses and I carefully freed them from their big neighbors.

Let me know if you want some!

My first starter plants were: two different varieties of Kale and three broccoli plants.

What an amazing gift to give them a place in the dirt.

Just a couple of minutes later a fellow gardener allowed the thinning out of her lettuce row and I put them in my plot.

Before I knew it, a very experienced gardener handed me some onions.

I build a little mound for them, which I now know is the native American way of gardening.

After being in my garden for three hours I started to notice how much tension I discharged into the earth.

My hands and my bare feet were drinking in the energy of the earth and I was letting go more and more and relaxed deeply.

I noticed how the sun was setting and the happy laughter of the people around me, all the different languages that were spoken:

Russian, Spanish, Cantonese.

It created a feeling of being a citizen of the world and of team spirit.

I had fallen in love with my precious garden.

“The question is not what  man can scorn, or disparage, or find fault with, but what he can love, and value, and appreciate.”

John Ruskin

Tomorrow, we will enjoy Yoga for the feet and hands and we will emphasize grounding.

Much love,



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