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Greeting the Sun


As when, impetuous from the snow-heaped Alps,

To venial suns relenting pours the Rhine;

While, undivided, oft, with wasteful sweep,

He foams along; but through Batavian meads,

Branches into fair canals, indulgent flows;

Waters a thousand fields; and culture, trade,

Towns, meadows, gliding ships, and villas mixed,

A rich, a wondrous landscape rises round.

-James Thomson

In my quarantine I get to go on lazy walks through the country and this is how I stumbled upon this villa…

It reminded me to celebrate life. Spring is a time of exhilaration and growth.

SUN-SALUTATIONS include excellent "Spring-Yoga-poses".

They develop strength, flexibility, grace, alertness, stamina and coordination.

They stimulate the abdominal organs, wake up the spine, build heat and unleash held energy.

Sun-salutations strengthen arms, wrists, hips and the back.

They open and soften the chest.

The movements in sink with the breath increase vitality and awareness.

Let’s move through our practice together in community.

See you on the mat.

Much love,


3/12, 9AM, Central Time

link to Friday Yoga class: 9-10:15AM ,

Contribution: 10 dollars

Venmo: marielle-school


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