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Ease and Strength

I woke up slightly worried this morning,

It was not entirely light yet and one single bird took it on her to sing from the top of her lunges.

It almost felt like a dark cloud wrapped around my brain.

I decided to immediately take my worried self in my arms; "You will

be fine, you are safe."

Is it that simple? Yes, it is!

I do not have to take that route, I can choose again.

We don't have much control over our feelings, but we do have control over how we choose

to respond to them.

The strength of my decision offered me ease.

My mind relaxed again.

To me this applies to my Yoga practice. I can feel in my body where I push myself too hard, or where I take too big of a step. It translates into tension and I get into my head instead of more connected to my body.

The solution: I bring myself back to sustainable strength, where effort meets ease.

Where I feel grounded.

It is rich in sensation, it is a sense of aliveness and full breathing, feeling the inside experience of the pose instead of the outside shape.

My life feels inspired and I am so strongly rooted into my inner strength that I am naturally creative and resilient.




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