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almost summer

The image of cook outs at the lake with friends, staying till after dusk, being one with the elements. Sandy feet and my slightly warm skin, satisfyingly open, eating veggie burgers with a smoky flavor.

The sun slowly dropping in the background, the stillness of the water, the first raccoons sneaking in around the bush, looking for left overs.

Summer comes with this colorful abundance. There is so much growth and sun energy infusing us with passion and enthusiasm.

At the same time, I wonder: “what will this summer be like?"

With the fear of Covid 19, social distancing, the political climate, racism, injustice.

Will there be dancing and music?

Will we celebrate and feel creative?

There is so much sadness, anger and uncertainty right now.

It brought me back to the person that originally inspired me to walk the path of AHIMSA

(Non-Violence.) GANDHI

He deeply contributed to my growth and my development into following a spiritual path, at the “ripe" age of 16.

His words:

“Our thoughts generate actions.

Actions generate habits.

Habits generate character.

And character breeds destiny.”

I was and am still inspired by this message. Taking full responsibility for my own feelings, thoughts and actions. Adjusting there, in that inner world.

Not to deny my feelings but practicing new ways to regulate my emotions and to be consistently happy and free.

Through meditation, Yoga, a sense of humor, service and gratitude.

In tomorrows class we will work more deeply into down regulating our nervous system.

We will slow down and rest in ourselves. Finding the support of our practice in community to soften our heart and strengthen our positivity and strength.

Much love,



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