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Marielle School Yoga

Yoga classes // Baraboo, WI

About Marielle

Marielle is a Dutch native.

She is dedicated to bridging the body with the spiritual world,

to heal mental, emotional, and physical imbalances.

Yoga has been a lifelong passion. She has practiced it for the last 30 years.


She studied Alignment Yoga (200 and 500 hours training.)

For the last ten years, she taught Yoga to a wide variety of students.


Her unique classes are a blend of spiritual teachings with a practical step-by-step approach.

They come from her rich background of many years spend in Ashrams and Spiritual centers in

India and the USA.

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Now offering
Online Yoga!

We offer online yoga classes on Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM and Friday at 9 AM.

Click here to join a class!

Contribution: 10 Dollars


Venmo: marielle-school
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Image by Jason Leem


"Marielle embodies the idea of trauma-informed Yoga like no other. It is really profound to experience that. I did not particularly enjoy Yoga before. Being taught by Marielle is different. Very healing, gentle with a deep understanding. Thank you!”


"Great inspiring Yoga workshops and a loving kind creative and gentle teacher."


"Marielle is a great yoga instructor. I have taken her classes for years. She has helped me keep fit and manage anxiety. “

-Dave Clemens 

"Marielle has empathy and is personable in all she does. Surely a dependable professional. She's also a wonderful artist (have you ever seen her drawings?)! “


"Marielle is one of the most knowledgeable yoga instructors I’ve been to. Very wonderful teacher and healer of the finest caliber!!



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