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I am offering online yoga classes each Tuesday/ Thursday evening from 7-8PM and 9-10:15AM via Zoom.


Hopefully they will give you a chance to breathe out the tension you might be holding in this challenging time.

These classes are meant to be little islands of support, community, and respite in an up-regulated world.


Experience is not required, show up as you are. You can even follow the practice on a chair! The invitation is to drop into your body and to feel grounded and present.


The tools that we will use will be: Meditation or Mindfulness, Yoga Poses, and Relaxation.


We will practice Yoga to create stability, mobility, strength and ease of mind.


please email me if you are interested.





Zoom Info for both Tuesday and Thursday Evening classes!
Meeting ID: 522 828 578

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Venmo: marielle-school
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Alignment Yoga​


The Yoga that I practice and teach is a form of Hatha Yoga that translates into the Western body.


In my sessions, we will explore ALIGNING ourselves back with our bodies.

We will drop away from our ‘Thinking mind', analyzing, planning, worrying and organizing.

Into our ‘feeling mind’, being, inner wisdom, intuition, gut instinct, and respect.

Alignment Yoga emphasizes GROUNDING, a full, committed EXHALE and the RELEASE of the UPPER PALATE.


GROUNDING is an element lacking in our culture. We tend to be acting from our heads, losing the connection with the present and our bodies. It makes us vulnerable for neck and shoulder aches, accidents and anxiety. In my classes I teach in progressions, my students can meet every pose where they are in their own body. We explore the deeper postural support muscles to create freedom and stability in body and mind. Using gravity and the natural rebound of the earth to stand taller.


A full committed EXHALE links our breath to our nervous system and helps it down regulate. Exhaling all the way out helps release the rib case, creating more space for the lungs to receive the new breath. Our experience of breath starts to be more authentic and peaceful.


RELEASE of UPPER PALATE is literally the key to relaxation in the rest of our body. When we broaden and soften the palate, muscles in the neck unwind, our spine releases and our mind quiets down.



Thai Touch


Thai Touch is rooted in the 2,500-year tradition of Thai Massage.
It has always been considered to be a spiritual practice closely connected to the teachings of the Buddha.

It was considered to be the physical expression of ‘loving kindness.’

The purpose of Thai Touch in my practice is to free the circulation of “life energy” throughout the whole body.

It helps balance the mind, body, and spirit, cultivating relaxation, health and well being.
Thai Touch increases flexibility, it aids the muscles to release toxins and it helps detox the body
The work strongly affects the lymphatic system, therefore improving the immune system.
It stimulates and massages the inner organs, improving digestion and elimination.

Zoom Info for both Tuesday and Thursday 7PM Evening classes:
Meeting ID: 522 828 578


Link to Friday class: 9-10:15AM

Cranio Sacral Therapy


Cranio Sacral Therapy is a hands-on approach to releasing tension deep in the body.
It relieves painanddisfunction in the body and in the brain.
It releases restriction in the soft tissue that surrounds the central nervous system.

How it works:

You simply lay down, fully clothed, on a massage table, face up.

I will move my hands around the different parts of the spine and the cranio bones to detect the restrictions in the skull, the spine and the tissue.
I will test the way the fluid runs along the spinal cord. I will check for ease, motion and a healthy rhythm.
Then I will gently correct with, very small, hands-on manipulations to downregulate the rhythm and to calm down the nervous system.
When the nervous system function resets, the body and the mind can relax very deeply, and the self-healing capacity of the body/brain gets activated.

It is a very powerful and at the same time very subtle technic.


The healing moves deep into the body, nervous system and instead of treating the symptoms, it heals the core of the dysfunction.
It improves the immune system.
It improves circulation
It eases anxiety and releases stress
It improves sleep
it heals various dysfunctions: brain injury, trauma, burn out, concussion, neck pain, migraines
It brings you in a deep relaxation


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